A (somewhat inaccurate and blurry) world map. The pink marks show some of the sources for materials or components used in our jewelry.

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Who we are

In an age of covert fakes and overt, sleazy knock-offs, Bejeweled Lion recognizes the intrinsic beauty of hand-crafted pieces. We have tremendous respect for the individual artisans who craft the elements that enliven our designs and we appreciate their quality workmanship.

These artisans are real people with names, faces, and families. They have proud heritages and long traditions. Their varied cultures meet in our creations and animate every item we make. Marks on this map show some of the sources for materials in our creations.

We believe these artisans deserve fair compensation and reasonable working conditions, so we endeavor to purchase supplies from companies and individuals who feel the same way.

When you buy from Bejeweled Lion, you help sustain a global web of artisans.We notice the difference.
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