pearl_flower necklace and earrings

Plum iris 6mm freshwater pearls (D) accented with tiny corrugated Karen silver beads and a stunning hand-crafted flower.

Necklace: 16” (40.6 cm): $155.00

Matching flower earrings: $40.00

A necklace of rhodonite briolettes accented with select white pearls (B) and delicate maple leaves hand-crafted in fine silver.

Russian amazonite and Karen tribal silver amulet

Karen tribal pendant and clasp with sterling silver wired Russian amazonite gemstones (8mm and 18x13mm)

Necklace: 24” (50.8cm)



Gold stick pearls (D) and glowing red carnelians are embellished by 14k gold-filled beads and a vermeil clasp. Earrings have round gold pearls (D).


Necklace: 18” (45.7 cm) $75.00

A hint of chatoyancy adds mystery to these hard-to-find Russian amazonite ovals (14 x 8 mm). Unusual silver beads and Thai Karen clasp create a delectable combination.

Necklace: 19” (48.3 cm)


Matching earrings  $35.00*

Our “Emily” necklace comes in 6mm (top right) and 8mm (bottom right) sizes. If you want a bold look, 8mm is the choice. Get one each for a mother and daughter.

Happy Cats necklaceAmazonite & Karren silver necklace"Emily" necklace

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  • Amethyst gem

    We have all seen sterling silver. It’s used in everything from rings, chains and bracelets to forks, spoons, fish knives and tea sets.

    Sterling carries a familiar “.925“ mark to show that it contains at least 92.5% pure silver in the composition.

    Is there a higher quality silver than that?

    Yes. It’s called “fine silver”, contains 99.5% pure silver, and has a beautiful finish.

    In the mountains of northern Thailand, a Karen Hill Tribe village creates original tribal and naturalistic pieces with incredible skill using fine silver. Every aspect of their work is hand made — even the chisels and tools used to texture the pieces. A Thai charity has dedicated support to preserve the traditions of these craftsman, ensuring their economic survival, personal safety, and education for their children. This revitalized traditional silver crafting and replaced poppy cultivation as the primary financial support. Courtesy of the internet, their wares are now available to jewelers around the world.

    Since it is nearly pure silver, fine silver is softer than sterling and has a lovely, soft glow not found with sterling. To maintain this lovely sheen, clean this silver with fresh-squeezed, sweet smelling lime juice or use a quality silver polish. The instant dip actually allows even sterling silver to tarnish more quickly.

    Life sized orchid hand made in gleaming fine silver 2.5” (66 mm)

    Life-sized silver orchid handmade by Thai Karen artisansBench NotesSecrets from the stones

    Gemstone “power bracelets” have joined acupuncture, chakra meditations, color therapy, and Feng Shui as people seek alternative treatments for our 21st century ailments. The chip bead bracelets strung on elastic are common in boutiques, stores, and malls across the world. 

    Bejeweled Lion feels these gemstones should be shown more respect. We work with them daily and do feel the special energies in many of the stones that pass through our hands. So we began Elementals, a special line of jewelry specifically designed to enhance the properties of gemstones.

    Items in the Elementals collection are very different from the baubles flooding the markets. Ours designs are made with the same quality materials and attention to detail that is found in each Bejeweled Lion design. Elementals introduces quality gemstones, fine workmanship, and elegance to energy jewelry. Our bracelets, personalized amulets, and decorative accents are created with respect and designed to improve the flow of energy—Feng Shui—in your environment.

    Each Elementals creation includes a card with a brief description of the materials used and their meanings.

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    Hand-crafted silver roses, a rose quartz leaf and gemstones to "Welcome Love"

    Love necklace*

    Rosebuds — carefully crafted in fine silver by Karen tribe artisans — and a stunningly carved rose quartz leaf anchor this one-of-a-kind necklace. Rose quartz, rhodonite, other select gemstones, and pearls (B) make this a necklace you’ll want to keep close to your heart.

    Necklace 22” (55.9 cm): $105.00

    * This is a one-of-a-kind necklace. The design will not be made again.

    curly heart decoration

    Spread a little Love

    The news has been full of reports of distress and tragedy. Even Valentine’s Day failed to halt the overwhelming political bickering of an election year! As an antidote, we created these designs that focus on Love, using stones and components specially chosen to energize Love in your life and in the world.

     A pair of superbly detailed dragons form the clasp of this luscious, cool jade and pearl (B)  necklace. Sterling silver spacers and dragon clasp

     27” (68.6 cm).

    Dragon jade necklace:  $165.00

    Enhancement Descriptions

    (D) = Dyed

    (B) = Bleached

    (S) = Stabilized

    Gf = gold-filled

    Happy Cats Two cats sit curled on their paws, surveying their ample supply of Thai silver fish. Sodalite and lapis lazuli beads, a variety of fish in fine silver.

    Necklace: 26” (66 cm):


    Lapis lazuli, fine silver, and carved bone

    Signature Designspurple spacer bar

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    purple marble bannerBejeweled Lion Amethyst gemAlluring LinesRadiant DesignsCustom designed bookmarks for the American Adoption Congress meeting, 2007

    Our custom designs are not limited to jewelry. These bookmarks, which incorporated the organizations logo, were part of a fund-raising project for the American Adoption Congress.

    (Custom glass work by 2-Lions Glass Art.)

    Businesses and non-profit groups find the custom design services at Bejeweled Lion are both convenient and affordable.

    Jewelry items like this colorful mixed gemstone bracelet were created to sell in the convention book shop as a fund raiser for a national non-profit organization.

    Necklace: 22” (68.6 cm)  $130.00

    Pearl & rhodonite earrings $35.00*

    * Earring prices shown are with purchase of necklace

    Wish Box bracelet

    Keep your wishes on your wrist — and add new ones when you discover them! A bracelet of 6mm pearls, aquamarine, rock crystal, and silver has a sterling silver treasure box to keep your dreams safe.

    Wish Box bracelet: 7.5” (19.1cm)   $60.00

    How much difference does 2mm make?

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    Emily Necklace is named for the portrait of Emily St. Clair in the Nelson Atkins Museum. Available in two sizes (see left) makes a lovely Mother-daughter set.

    Necklace: 16”/18”: $95.00

    Carnelians, pearls, and GF clasp

    Matching earrings available

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    We love to create special pieces for people! Even if it’s just wire wrapping that pretty shell you found on your vacation or some unusual unidentifiable object you found in years ago in your grandmother’s attic, it means something to you. If it is special to you, it is special to us. Why leave it in a box or on a shelf gathering dust if we can turn it into something wearable without damaging your treasure?

    That doesn’t mean we don’t make new treasures with pearls, gemstones, and precious metals. But it’s much more enjoyable to make new jewelry when we know it is designed especially for someone and will be treasured because it was a gift from you. It won’t cost you a fortune, but it will make someone special feel priceless.

    Elementals, a special selection of Bejeweled Lion pieces designed to make use of gemstone energies.

    Custom designs are not just for individuals. Bejeweled Lion can create promotional and gift items for small businesses that are far more memorable than another cheap plastic pen.

    Non-profit organizations, especially smaller ones, often have trouble finding cause-related items at affordable rates. Bejeweled Lion can create custom designs that will not only remind their owners of the cause but be attractive and wearable as well.

    Custom creation for Bejeweled Lion client

    We also work with individuals who know exactly what they want but cannot find it anywhere—at least at a reasonable price! We understand people who want something “exactly this long” or “that isn’t too tight for my wrist”. Bejeweled Lion can create the piece you want.

    Left: a custom bracelet with jade, peridots, rubies, pearls, and quartz combined with 14k gold-filled and 22k vermeil. It was exactly what she wanted and she had it made by Bejeweled Lion!

    Good Fortune bracelet for non-profit organization