Text Box: There is a real “lion” behind Bejeweled Lion: jewelry designer and artist Kathryn Richardson. She calls herself a ‘’Type A Leo’’ and is extremely particular about every piece she creates. 
A lifelong artist who has experimented with almost every medium, her fascination with colors and gemstones drew her into jewelry design. She finds each stone has an inherent natural energy in she allows that energy to guide its use in her designs.
Her first piece was an intricate crocheted necklace incorporating Swarovski crystals and fine wire. When friend nearly snatched it from her neck she made a second one, then a third. Soon she was stringing the real gemstones she loves and selling her work through select galleries in the Midwest. She also produced a range of collection-inspired designs once available only through the Bookstore at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; some of these designs are now available through this website. 
Her designs incorporate sterling silver, fine silver, solid copper, gold-filled components and wire as well as her personal creations in metal clays. She avoids using plated or pewter materials. “The weight and finish of plated components does not compare to that of real metals,” she says, “and I do not feel comfortable using pewter in anything. I don’t want to expose myself or anyone wearing my jewelry to anything potentially harmful.” 
In her mind, jewelry confabs like Beadfest are ideal vacations; they provide an opportunity to meet other artists, see the latest styles and materials, discover new tools, and learn techniques from top instructors. Her role models include torch wizard Lexi Erickson, metals master Helen Driggs, and metal clay artist Sherri Haab. 
She teaches private classes in jewelry design, wire work, and stringing techniques. 
Ms. Richardson can be reached here.
Contact: Kathryn Richardson
Our self-appointed supervisor.

Bejeweled Lion has its own staff supervisor with a personal office conveniently located next to the main work bench. (It was really a bribe to keep her off the work bench and out of the beads… but it doesn’t always work.)


(Right) Our staff supervisor on the job.



Bejeweled Lion

Bejeweled Lion is committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly studio

Jewelry making can be a dirty business. If you have ever polished the silver for a big family dinner, you have some idea just how dirty it can be. Polishing metal jewelry is no less messy and the more metal, the more mess.

Fortunately, keeping a “green” studio has become much easier. New and safer methods for cleaning, etching, and shaping metal have been developed since we began making jewelry. The impetus for change came from increased global awareness of the hazardous by-products created by older mass manufacturing processes. This awareness benefits everyone and should encourage changes on a much greater scale and mass produced jewelry companies incorporate the new techniques. 

The new processes improved our work environment (no funny smells), created a safer work place (no funky mystery chemicals), saved us money (the safe stuff is actually less expensive), eliminated trips to the HazMat disposal depot (which, with rising petrol costs, saved us more money), and made us feel much better about making jewelry.

We pass these savings on to our clients so they can enjoy more of our safer creations.

Even our staff supervisor approves.

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We try to restrict her from personal contact with our clients — something about fur, allergies, claws, and so on. But she does enjoy hearing from admirers and responds to emails during the short breaks between her many duties and (frequent) naps.

Contact: Supervisor