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Updated: 18 June 2012

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Bejeweled Lion merges gemstones, quality crystals, faceted stones, and unusual design elements into beguiling jewelry. Whether set in gold or intricately wrapped with silver or copper wire, the resulting piece will be an enticing fusion of form, color and function.

Art and artifacts of ancient and modern cultures inspire our designs, resulting in exotic patterns and unusual combinations. With the necklace above, the design was born when we saw the dragons in our shipment. In our increasingly interconnected world, Bejeweled Lion constantly uncovers new elements to incorporate into our jewelry.

We love color. Our signature designs use shimmering custom dichroic cabochons, sand carved glass, richly colored gemstones, sparkling faceted stones, and singular silver and copper components. Alluring colors and captivating styles exude a comfortable elegance that appeals to those who prefer truly personal ornaments that are equally appropriate for day and evening. 

Gifts get special attention at Bejeweled Lion. Even small gifts should generate a pleasant surprise for the recipient. We offer clients all the elements necessary for truly meaningful gifts. Great or small, we can create individual treasures for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, retirements, or “just because”.

Custom designs are not a problem, nor are they outrageously expensive. We are delighted to work with clients who want truly one-of-a-kind creations and will make every effort to find those quintessential elements that capture the look our clients desire.

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Bejeweled Lion knows her clients are special and wants them to feel that way. To celebrate the arrival of her new website, she has some special offers available:

¨  Sneak previews of new designs

¨  Invitations to private showings

¨  Advance notice of sales

¨  Special offers on private classes

¨  Chances to win custom-designed jewelry

All this and more awaits members of our Lion’s Share list.


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It’s official

Summer is here... in force

Cut the heat with this cool, watery amazonite and silver necklace and earring set.

Top quality Russian amazonite is hard to find, but we found a stash. These 14x8 mm oval stones display a hint of mysterious chatoyancy, like looking into deep azure water on a hot day. Unusual silver beads add to the mystique. The fine silver clasp was crafted f by our favorite artisans in the mountains of Thailand.



 Our jewelry is crafted from — and often inspired by — the miniature masterpieces we receive from our global network of artisans.

Amazonite & Karren silver necklaceCustom birthstone necklace for July. This siingle strand choker of 4mm rubies, 6mm white pearls, and 10mm white topaz was set in 14k gold. The matching drop earrings added an elegant touch to a simply perfect birthday surprise.

July’s birthstone is the red hot RUBY

Does special someone in your life have a July birthday? Let Bejeweled Lion create a one-of-a-kind design for a memorable gift.

It won’t cost you a fortune, but you’ll make them feel priceless.



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